Thursday, April 01, 2010


Joanna, one of my private training clients, goes out for a Prowl. Joanna is 57 years old, 127lbs, recently squatted 85x5x3, deadlifted 105x5, pressed 55x5x3, benched 70x5x3, and power cleaned 50x3x5 (like it was a joke.) She trains with me twice a week and along with the heavy stuff she does band assisted chins and pullups, and hard conditioning workouts (mostly 10 minutes and down because she does a lot of longer, lower intensity stuff on her own.)

Skipped cleans today because of my rib. I'm going back to power cleans and power snatches, the split and squat bother my rib too much and I'm tired of not training.

Bench Press

45lbs x 5, 5, 3

Push prowler +60lbs as far as possible in 10 minutes
50m turnaround
Wearing 20lb vest

Miserable. Fucking miserable. But I felt like a warrior. I polished this workout off with a quart of organic whole milk - the ultimate post workout "shake."

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