Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

I guess I've been lifting weights and stuff.

I snatched 102kg on Friday, for a 7kg PR, it's alright. I took about 20 maximal or near maximal attempts in total that workout, it's fine I don't need my traps to be functional anyway. Also I took $20 of Jon North's money because he bet me I couldn't make 102. Oh yeah, I train at Cal Strength on Fridays now, so that's pretty cool. It's a pleasant reminder that I am a pretty worthless weightlifter.

The next morning I squatted 400#x3, I'd been trying and failing to do a double for the last few weeks. 15# PR triple while cutting weight okay I guess.

Oh yeah, I'm cutting to 85kg. Only about 10kg more to go.

Did my first meet a few weeks ago, I went 80/112 as a very light 105 (95.3) I suck.

Yesterday I snatch + hang snatched 185# for 3 sets, clean & jerk + jerk 215# for 2 sets, and squatted 400#x1. It's good to know I can now snatch 185# like I used to snatch 175#, i.e. it's my "I will make this every day" weight, and it's good to know I can squat 405# even when I feel like shit and have a tension headache.

In other news, I still have the worst split jerk in the world.


brentkimezpz said...

jacob tsypkin i am your #1 fan and will be until the day i die

Brian said...

jacob tsypkin i am your #2 fan and will be until the day i die

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I'm more of an air conditioner than a fan. Ever present, expensive, penetrating, silent.
And, like an air conditioner, maybe you should post some more fucking posts. It would probably help both of our totals (total amount of sex).
Something something weightlifting.