Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Breathe with me
Breathe slow and deep, my love
Bury yourself in me, warm and safe
Your heart beats against mine, somehow in tune
Filling in the gaps, plugging all the holes
Making me more real than I've ever been before
Yet taking me somewhere too good to be true
No one can take this from me, from us
It is yours, mine, ours
Unlock all the doors, open all the windows
Let the world see, they cannot stop us now
This is your world, my world, our world
Breathe with me
Breathe fast and wild, my love
Wrap yourself around me, fiery and passionate
Wanting it to be over and wanting it to last forever
Dig deep into me as I into you
Rip and tear and scream and scrape and do it all out of love
Moan and rise up, and fall apart
Come down, come back, fall back together
Breathe with me
Breathe slow and deep, my love
Sleep in this peaceful place
It will be gone soon
But it will always be waiting for us
Glorious and beautiful
Simple in it's perfection
Yours, mine

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