Monday, March 26, 2007

Workout, 3/26/2007

Squat Clean practice

6 rounds for time:

8 hang power cleans, 95 lbs
8 turkish get-ups (4 each side), 30 lbs

Time: 16:28

Weighted Back Extension
3x10 at 35 lbs

L-Hold Practice
1 minute of L-Hold in 5 holds

Pullup Practice, Deadhang and Kipping

Comments: I had wanted to do the CF workout with squat cleans, but I was worrying about my form to the point of it slowing me down. I did the first round with squat cleans, but switched to hang power cleans after that. I got the idea for doing some back extensions after my workout from Mike's Gym, he seems to do it a lot. And I finally found a working pullup bar - okay, it's neutral grip and it's attached to a cable machine, but it works, dammit! I may use it in my metcon workout tomorrow.

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