Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Workout, 4/3/2007

25 bag shoulders (75-100 lbs, not sure)
10 burpees
4 one arm snatches (2 each side, with a 18.9 lb water cooler jug thing)
20 bag shoulders
8 burpees
6 one arm snatches
15 bag shoulders
6 burpees
6 one arm snatches
10 bag shoulders
4 burpees
8 one arm snatches

Time: 18:40

Comments: Would have liked to do this faster, but I was tired. Haven't done bag shouldering in a while, and the snatches were awkward - very light, but the water moving around in the jug (it's one of those things that you put on a water cooler) did not help stabilization.

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