Friday, April 06, 2007

Workout, 4/6/2007

CrossFit HQ


750m row
10 shoulder press behind neck with dowel
10 OHS with dowel
10 good mornings
10 shoulder dislocates with dowel
5 of each

For time:

21 hang power cleans, 115 lbs
3 pullups
100m row
3 hang power cleans
21 pullups
100m row
18 hang power cleans
6 pullups
100m row
6 hang power cleans
18 pullups
100m row
15 hang power cleans
9 pullups
100m row
9 hang power cleans
15 pullups
100m row
12 hang power cleans
12 pullups
100m row

Time: 27:36

5 rounds:
30 seconds situps
30 seconds pushups

Comments: My pullups sucked today, I had to do them jumping - BUT. The next highest weight in the hang power cleans was 65 (yes, it was a guy). So, my pullups sucked, but I was moving close to double anyone else's weight in the cleans. Not a bad day.

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