Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Zone

I have a love/hate relationship with the Zone diet. I love the results. I hate the diet. I suppose it's a matter of priorities, and my priority is to be the best athlete and healthiest person I can - so Zone it is. If I want to open a CF Affiliate one day and coach athletes, I have to practice what I preach - it's time to man up about it. I bought a cooler so I can make it easier to eat in the Zone throughout the day (thanks to Brendan Gilliam from CF Santa Cruz for the suggestion). The issue right now, however, is money. It's not cheap eating in the Zone. Does anyone have any suggestions for cutting costs? The only things I have thought of are eating more grain products (not ideal, I'd rather eat fruit and veggies, but it's better than not eating in the Zone at all) and eating more Zone bars. Anything else?


Shari Baby said...

I have noidea how you think buying fruits & vegetables - fresh and frozen is expensive. Do you have a Costco near by ? My suggestion to you would be to stay away from the grains because for one you will not fill up on the little amount that you get to eat for you daily blocks, and 2 they are not really favorable. Remember : meat & vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, LITTLE starch, no sugar. You can buy a huge bag of fresh cut brocolli for 3 bucks and it will last you a few meals - cheap. Costco you can spend like 100 bucks and get all the meat, fruits, vegetables for 2 weeks for 1 person no problem. If you are going to make the plunge to truly eat in the Zone, fill up on vegetables instead. You'll see great results, and the weight will drop as well. Trader Joes is another great resource to have - they have great frozen bags of veggies, and fresh for cheap. I hope this helps....next time I go to the store I will keep my receipt and break down the costs for you, okay ? Great work, Jacob...stay with it and you will be amazed! You'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier!

Anonymous said...

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