Sunday, August 30, 2009


"Fran" - 3:57

This is a PR by 56 seconds (I haven't done "Fran" since May of 2008.)  I was supposed to do heavy split jerks but wasn't feeling it.  Tried a couple of thrusters at 95#.  It felt easy, so I strapped the Chucks on and got after it.  I'm happy with the time, especially since my legs were beat up, but I'm even happier with how I dealt with it mentally: there was no internal dialogue.  Every time I told myself "pick the bar up and do 5 more reps," I did it.  This is a big shift: a sub 3 "Fran" used to seem like an abstract, i.e. I knew on an intellectual level that I could do it, but now I actually FEEL it.  And I am more confident than ever that I will qualify for the Games in 2010.

Shit is about to get dangerous.

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