Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back After A Not So Short Absence.

Sometimes I forget this blog exists until I get bored logging my WODs on a textedit document.  Apparently it took over a year this time.  I'm going to start posting my training again, and on rest days I will probably rant about something that bothers me.  Today I'm starting a slightly more mono modal focus with my training, in order to allow me to better focus on weaknesses, primarily Olympic weightlifting, running, and advanced gymnastics.  Here's the lay down.

Weightlifting Goals:
Clean & Jerk - 280#.  Currently 235#, but a 245# clean and 255# jerk seperately.  I feel like I can get this with some dedicated practice, it's just a technique issue.
Snatch - 195#.  Currently 170#, again technique.
Deadlift - 440#x5, currently 460#x1.
Squat - 350#x3, currently 350#x1.

Gymnastics Goals:
Muscle Ups - 12 from full extension, turnout not required.  Currently about 8.
L-Pullups - 15 with no dropping of feet at bottom.  Currently 11 with some drop.
Handstand Pushups - 20.  Currently 11.
Pistols - 20 per leg.  Currently 8 on right and 2 on left.

Running Goals:
400m - Under 1:10.  Currently 1:18.
800m - Under 2:55.  Currently 3:15.
Garland Ranch 5k - Under 34 minutes.  Currently 38:09.

Training will be on a 3 on/1 off schedule, but there will be 3 "set" days which rotate with each cycle in order to allow me to hit all of my focuses with equal intensity.  Each day has a primary focus and one or two secondary focuses.  The secondary focuses can be switched to different primary days, to keep it varied.  Here's how it looks.

Primary 1: heavy Olympic lifting
Primary 2: running (distance or sprints)
Primary 3: advanced gymnastics
Secondary 1: 1 heavy, low rep set of a slow lift
Secondary 2: 1 timed or high rep set of a slow lift
Secondary 3: 1 timed or high rep set of an Olympic lift
Secondary 4: metcon circuit

First WOD will be in about an hour and a half.  Will post results and thoughts later.

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