Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Training 8/18/2009

Cheat Meal: You're doing it right.  #27 (chicken, bacon, avocado) from Campagno's Deli, the best sandwich shop on the planet.

I was supposed to go heavy today (hang power clean 5x1.)  But my hands just weren't having it.  Once I got past 155# I couldn't hang on to the bar through the 2nd pull.  Tried to push jerk, but shoulders and core were too fried.  Just went with a quick (not-so-quick) circuit.

4 rounds for time:
50 double unders
15 swings (55#)
Completed in 6:03

Slow.  Shoulders were fried and I didn't have my jump rope...not ideal circumstances.  Rest tomorrow and hopefully I'll be ready to hit it hard on Thursday.


Rich Vos said...

It's not a cheat meal without Ben & Jerry's. And this is not up for discussion.

Tsypkin said...

Sorry to disappoint, Rich. I'll try harder next time.